Liber aureus von Pfäfers

Liber aureus von Pfäfers
Stifts-Archiv (Stifstarchiv Pfäfers)
German, Latin
SANKT GALLEN, Switzerland.
Shelf Mark:
Codex Fabariensis 2.
Alternate Names:
The Golden Book of Pfäfers -- Das goldene Buch von Pfäfers -- Codex Aureus Fabariensis.
Einsiedeln, Switzerland.
53 folios -- ca. 278 x 187 mm. The later folios, from f. 29r, are trimmed down, cutting through illuminations.
Date Description:
11th century (ff. 1-27) -- also 14th century and 15th century.
Gospel readings for major feastdays. Legal texts re. Pfäfers are interspersed among ff. 1-29v , followed by historical texts associated with that monastery. These are then translated into German (fols. 41-52). List of abbots of Pfäfers (fols. 29r-29v, continued in lower margins of 30r-30v)
Caroline Minuscule [Carolingian minuscule] -- Square Capital (capitalis quadrata) -- Gothic in the later added sections (textualis and semitextualis libraria?)
Type of Decoration:
Author portraits of the writing evangelists against purple background, under two arches that are part of larger architectural frame (Mark is under straight lintel) -- Evangelist symbols (winged, half-length, holding book) descend from arch on right side of page -- Veil hangs from left arch -- Borders of these portraits consist of foliate designs bounded by gold bars -- Initials formed by gold (or occasionally red pen) vegetal scroll patterns, sometimes terminating with beast heads, filled in with blue and green washes -- Historical materials on ff. 29r-32r are arranged in two columns set within colorful, patterned arcades topped by a variety of figures and objects: f. 29r/v - wounded Christ torso in mandorla over middle column, angels blowing trumpets on outer columns, f. 30r - King on left column, bishop in middle, abbot on right, coats of arms in margin next to outer figures, f. 30v-31r - Outer columns topped by castle tower tops, kings gesture toward center from middle columns, coats of arms in spaces above arches, f. 31v-32 is similar, but with churches instead of castles and abbots instead of kings -- f. 33r - text begins with a littera duplex "A" with vine-like extensions and small cleric's head in upper part of letter -- Clerics painted in margins on ff. 33v, 34v, 36v
Musical Notation:
Call Number:
Special Collections Rare Books Large ND 3207 .V655 1993 Bd.1-Bd.2 Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Full color reproduction of the entire manuscript
Codices selecti, 94.
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Graz, Austria.
Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt
Print & Art, Graz, Austria.
Full title in Hesburgh Library catalog: Vollständige Faksimile-Ausgabe im Originalformat des Liber aureus von Pfäfers : Codex Fabariensis 2 aus dem Besitz des Stiftsarchivs Pfäfers im Stiftsarchiv St. Gallen Commentary volume : Werner Vogler, ed., Das Goldene Buch von Pfäfers (Liber aureus), Studia Fabariensia 2, Graz, 1993. For a listing of the Gospel readings , see pp. 21-23. The later texts are transcribed on pp. 155-205.
Type of Text:
documents, donations, Evangeliary, historical, legal, liturgical, religious, translation, vernacular