Stundenbuch der Maria von Burgund

Stundenbuch der Maria von Burgund
Osterreichischen Nationalbibliothek
WIEN (VIENNA, Vienne), Austria
Shelf Mark:
Cod. Vindobonensis 1857
Alternate Names:
Mary of Burgundy Hours -- The Black Hours -- The Hours of Mary of Burgundy
190 fols. -- 225 x 163 mm.
Date Description:
Scribe: Nicolas Spierinc -- Painters: Liévin van Lathem (fl. 1454-1493), Master of Mary of Burgundy (fl. 1470s), Simon Marmion, Willem Vrelant
Calendar (f. 2r-13v) -- Marian Prayers (f. 15r-26v) -- Gospel extracts (f.27r-34r) -- Mass of the Virgin (f. 36r-41v) -- Hours of the Cross (f. 44r-49v) -- Hours of the Holy Spirit (f. 51r-55r) -- Hours of the Virgin (f. 57r-115v) -- Suffrages (f. 116r-126r) -- Penitential Psalms and Litany (f. 129r-145v) -- Office of the Dead (f. 147r-186r) -- Added bifolium: prayer to the Sacred Host, poem explaining its miraculous origins (f. 2*r)
Bâtarde (Lettre Bourguignonne, Cursiva Bastarda) -- Hybrida formata
Type of Decoration:
Ink, tempera and gold used throughout -- Miniatures: There is a miniature marking the beginning of each section, several of them full-page in size. The most famous of these, before the Marian prayers (f. 14v), shows, in the foreground, a noble woman praying from a book in an oratory. An open window on the other side of the woman provides a view into a large church where a woman, three companions, and a man swinging a censer kneel before the Virgin and Child. On the recto sides of the calendar leaves, the Labors are depicted in a roundel to the right of the text; on the verso sides, the zodiac signs are in a roundel to the left, thus on the reverse of the Labors. Other miniature subjects: four Evangelist portraits (ff. 27r, 29r, 31r, 33r), angels playing music for enthroned Virgin and Child (f. 35v), window image (like the first miniature) that opens to view of Calvary where Christ is being nailed to the cross (f. 43v), Pentecost (f. 50v), Passion cycle with the Hours of the Virgin (ff. 57r-115v), saints referred to in the suffrages (ff. 116r-126r), David (f. 128v), Raising of Lazarus (f. 146v) -- Historiated Initials: these are numerous, including a series of scenes from the Infancy narratives accompanying the Hours of the Virgin; there are also two initials in grisaille with the Marian prayer "Gaude flore virginali," showing Becket's vision of the Virgin (f.15r) the Virgin and Child on the crescent moon (f. 16v); see commentary for more details. -- Marginalia: Every text page has foliate decorations, in most cases only in the lateral outer margins, but occasionally on all four sides of the text block or miniature. There are acanthus leaves in blue, gold, and red as well as green flowering plants of many kinds, all contained in thin, gold borders. Nearly all of these foliate areas are occupied with one or more birds, mammals, fantastical creatures, grotesques, or people. These kinds of figures are also found outside the foliate areas, mostly in the lower margin, but sometimes in the upper. Those spaces are also filled with the scribe's cadelles, decorative motifs extending from the letters. -- Text: Throughout the manuscript, there are one- to three-line dentelle initials and rose or blue foliated initials on gold grounds, as well as line-fillers of the same color schemes. The manuscript's most unusual feature is the writing surfaces that have been painted black for the first three sections and for the rubrics of the remaining sections, except the Suffrages and Litany. The text on these surfaces is in gold or silver ink.
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Call Number:
Medieval [7th Floor Hesburgh] General Collection ND 3363 .M3 S79 1993 Non-Circulating --- Another copy with commentaryin English: Medieval [7th Floor Hesburgh] General Collection ND 3363 .M3 S88 1995 Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Complete -- Color -- Reduced (195 x 140 mm) -- Photographic
Glanzlichter der Buchkunst, 3
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Graz, Austria
Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt
Print & Art, Graz, Austria
Composition: LeykamDruck, Graz (Austria) Other names: Franz Unterkircher (commentary); Nicholas Spierinc, Liévin Lathem, Simon Marmion, Willem Vrelant (illuminators)
Type of Text:
Book of hours, calendar, devotional, prayer book, religious