Manuscript containing the Wessobrunner Gebet

Manuscript containing the Wessobrunner Gebet
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Bavarian dialect, German, Latin
Shelf Mark:
Ms. Clm. 22053 (olim Wessobr. 53, Cim. 20) --
Alternate Names:
Codex Wessobrunn -- The Wessobrunn Prayer manuscript -- W --
Bavaria, Augsburg area (?), Germany
99 folios -- ca. 185 x 135 mm. [quarto]
Date Description:
Late 8th to early 9th century; before ca. 814 --
Probably written by a Bavarian, possibly called "bonefacius" (fol. 66v, line 15), copying Anglo-Saxon originals, though some scholars have argued for two main scribes, of whom one wrote a little later than the first --
for a detailed listing of the contents, see pp. 17-19 of the dissertation by Waldman cited below -- fol 1r: miscellany -- fols. 1v-21r: The discovery of the true cross -- fols. 21-22r: a version of Bede’s Prognostica temporum (10th century ?) -- fols. 35v-36r: list of the abuses cited in De xii abusiuis saeculi -- fols. 44r-45r: Apostles’ Creed -- fols. 65v-66r: De poeta = Wessobrunner Gebet (Wessobrunn prayer), written in Old Bavarian -- fol. 66v: letter setting a slave free -- fols. 88r-95r: parts of two sermons of St. Augustine --
Carolingian minuscule [caroline minuscule] -- uncial [uncialis] -- three symbols from the Runic alphabet are used as abbreviations --
Type of Decoration:
Miniatures: eighteen unframed miniatures illustrating the account of the discovery of the True Cross; they are inserted in the text column at the beginning of divisions in the text, and they occupy the width of the folio; the images are executed in heavy black outline with bright fill colors, now faded; red, yellow, and blue are prominent; subjects are as follows: Dream of Constantine; Helena with four soldiers before Jerusalem; Helena, enthroned, in conversation with four Jews; Helena, enthroned, in conversation with three Jews; Helena, enthroned and with attendant, speaks to two Jews; Judas in well, guarded by two soldiers; Judas is pulled from the well, he kneels on the ground; Judas and a soldier at Golgotha where plumes of smoke rise from the ground; Judas digs up the three crosses; Helena and Judas on either side of the three crosses, erected on an architectural base; Helena watches as three men place one of the crosses over a dead man; Judas and Helena stand on either side of a large building; baptism of Judas; Helena approaches the christened Cyriacus, another figure to his right holds a crozier and book; Helena speaks to Cyriacus; Cyriacus finds the nails of the Crosses on the smoking earth of Golgotha; Cyriacus brings the nails to Helena; Helena faces a blacksmith, they both gesture toward the Nails in the container between them
Musical Notation:
Call Number:
Special Collections Rare Books Medium PF 3991 .W43 1922 Non-Circulating with commentary vol: Special Collections Rare Books Medium PF 3991 .W43 K73 1922 Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Complete, full-size, monochrome reproduction of the entire manuscript -- Bound in facsim. leather binding, blind-stamped with brass bosses & wooden peg in leather clasp (????) --
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Munich, Germany
Kurt Wolff Verlag
Companion booklet by Carl von Kraus -- editor: A. von Eckardt --
The Wessobrunn prayer manuscript CLM 22053 : a transliteration, translation and study of parallels / Glenys A. Waldman, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, 1975 -- Ute Schwab:Die Sternrune im Wessobrunner Gebet: Beobachtungen zur Lokalisierung des clm 22053, zur Hs. BM Arundel 393 und zu Rune Poem V. 86-89, Amsterdamer Publikationen zur Sprache und Literatur 1, Amsterdam, Rodopi, 1973 --
Type of Text:
computus, didactic, geographical, historical, mixed, religious, sermons, theological, vernacular