Gebetbuch Jakobs IV. von Schottland und seiner Gemahlin Margaret Tudor

Gebetbuch Jakobs IV. von Schottland und seiner Gemahlin Margaret Tudor
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek
WIEN (VIENNA, Vienne), Austria
Shelf Mark:
ms. 1897
Alternate Names:
The Hours of James IV of Scotland
248 folios (incorrectly numbered to 245), 200 x 140 mm
Date Description:
ca. 1503
Calendar (ff. 1v-13r) -- Gospel Pericopes: Jn 1:1-11, Lk 1:26-37, Mt 2:1-12, Mk 16:14-20 (ff. 15r-18v) -- Devotional prayers to Christ (ff. 19r-23v) -- Prayers of St. Bridget (ff. 25r-31v) -- Hours of the Cross (ff. 33r-35r) -- De sancta cruce ad missam (ff. 35v-37v) -- Hours of the Holy Spirit (ff. 38r-41r) -- Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary (ff. 41r-43v) -- Antiphon of the Holy Trinity (f. 43v) -- "To the honor of the five wounds" (ff. 44r-45v) -- Devotions to individual saints (ff. 46r-58r) -- Hours of the Virgin (ff. 60r-108v) -- Hours of the Virgin for Advent (ff. 110r-116v) -- Penitential Psalms and Litany (ff. 119r-138v) -- Office of the Dead (ff. 142r-169v) -- Commendationes fidelium defunctorum (f. 171r) -- Psalms (ff. 171r-182v) -- Prayers for the dying (ff. 182r-v) -- Psalms of the Passion of Our Lord (ff. 184r-188r) -- Gift note of the book signed by Margaret (ff. 188r) -- Prologue to the Psalter of St. Jerome (f. 190r) -- Psalter of Jerome (ff. 190v-201v) -- Gospel Passion narratives (ff. 203r-238r) -- Prayer of the Passion stories (ff. 238v-239v) -- "Obsecro te domina sancta..." (ff. 244r-245v) -- "O intemerata..." (ff. 239v-241r) -- "Stabat mater dolorosa..." (ff. 241v-242v)
Type of Decoration:
The decoration of this manuscript is immensely rich and varied; for more extensive listing of subject matter and description, see pp 36-54 of the commentary volume. -- Categories of decoration include illuminated margins, miniatures ranging in size from six lines high (placed alongside the text) to full-page, and decorated initials in a range of sizes -- The margins are mostly filled with floral designs and acanthus leaves, but many are modeled on architectural niches. Every text folio has a decorative block at least in the outer lateral margins, and many folios have full borders. The numerous borders in the manuscript are mostly floral or architectural, but several borders are illuminated with figural scenes and others are filled with text in decorative letters; all types of border are extremely intricate and detailed. -- The miniatures depict the zodiac, biblical scenes, saints, coats of arms, and scenes of contemporary devotion. -- Most of the decorated initials are formed by blue acanthus leaves and are set on a gold background.
Musical Notation:
Call Number:
Special Collections Rare Books Medium BX 2080 .A35 J35 1987 Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Complete -- Color -- Photographic with gold details -- Slightly reduced size -- Binding: Bordeaux-red velvet
Codices selecti phototypice impressi
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Graz, Austria
Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt
Art-historical introduction. Other names: Franz Unterkircher.
Type of Text:
Book of hours, calendar, devotional, hymns, prayers, psalms, religious