Physiologus Bernensis

Physiologus Bernensis
Burgerbibliothek (Stadtbibliothek; Bibliotheca Bongarsiana)
BERN, Switzerland
Shelf Mark:
Codex Bongarsianus 318
Eastern France -- School of Rheims (Reims, France) according to Mutherich
131 folios (originally 136 folios), of which fols. 7r-22v are reproduced -- ca. 255 x 180 mm.
Date Description:
Mid-9th century
Physiologus latinus, versio C -- For contents of entire manuscript, see pp. 20-22
Carolingian minuscule with some decorative uncial script
Type of Decoration:
Miniatures: thirty-five miniatures of varying size illustrating each entry, the majority of them are within thin, dark blue inner border and wide red outer border; subject matter--Jacob and the Lion of Judah (f.7r), First property of the Lion/walks on a mountain (f. 7v), Second and Third properties of the Lion/sleeps with eyes open crouched in cave/blows on face of dead cub to revive it, (f. 8r), Sunlizard (f. 8v), Plover at foot of reclining person (f. 8v), Four sparrows (f. 9v), Nightravens (f. 10r), Eagle (f. 10v), Yppopus (f. 11r), Vipers-two figures with human torso, snake bottom (f. 11r), second property of Serpent (f. 11v), third property of Serpent (f. 12r), Serpent slayer with wheat (f. 12v), Ants on wheat (f. 12v and 13r), Siren and Centaur (f. 13v), Hedgehog in vine (f. 14r), Fox, dead, beset by scavenger birds (f. 14v), Panther attracts animals with his voice (f. 15r), Whale (f. 15v), second property of the Whale (f. 16r), Unicorn, with maiden (f. 16v), Stag, goring serpent (f. 17r), Salamander in a bath, Two pigeons eat the fruit of the Peredexion tree, hidden there from a serpentine dragon, who fears the shadow of the tree (f. 17v), Antelope walking through small tree grove (f. 18r), Sawfish in sea below long boat holding two men, the one on the right lashes out at the fish's head with his oar (f. 18v), Elephant and Mandragora (19r), Three elephants, two helping the third onto his feet after a fall, a single tree in their midst, the scene is turned so that the top of the page is at the outer edge of the leaf, the bottom toward the binding (f. 19v), two men in boat at upper left, diver coming from right, half-submerged in transparent water (f. 20v), Doctor, sitting on stool, holds Indian stone up to sun, the stone excretes three drops of liquid, Below text block there are three roosters in a wooden arcade (f. 21r), Man rides leaping horse, holding the animal's mane (f. 22r)
Musical Notation:
Call Number:
Medieval [7th Floor Hesburgh] Reference (Rm. 715) PA 4273 .L349 1964 Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Color -- Photographic -- Partial reproduction of the manuscript -- Slightly reduced, 250 x 179 mm
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Basel, Switzerland
Alkuin Verlag
Ring Druck and Boehm & Co. (Basel)
Complete transcription and translation (into German) provided. Extensive art-historical index. Other names: Christoph von Steiger Otto Homburger
Type of Text:
medical, scientific, secular, zoological