Las Huelgas Beatus

Las Huelgas Beatus
Pierpont Morgan Library
Shelf Mark:
M. 429
Alternate Names:
H -- Beato de Las Huelgas -- Morgan Ms. 429, Beatus super apocalipsim --
Spain, Burgos, Sta. MarĂ­a la Real de las Huelgas (?) Toledo (?).
184 folios -- ca. 520 x 340 mm.
Date Description:
September, 1220
Beatus of Liebana -- St. Jerome --
Beatus: Commentary on the Apocalypse (fols. 1- 148v?) -- Jerome: Commentary on Daniel (fols. 148v- 182v) -- The colophon on fol. 182v is the same as that in the Tabara Beatus (950), of which this is a copy ; the colophon on fol. 184r is translated in English in a modern hand on that same folio (note: era 1258 = A.D. 1220) -- has been repaired using scraps of parchment possibly from the 14th century (e.g. fol. 6, see p. 210 of commentary volume) --
"closely-spaced caroline minuscule" -- carolingian minuscule -- written with brown and red inks -- words damaged by wear have been rewritten -- occasional holes in the parchment --
Type of Decoration:
numerous illustrations, many but not all are full-pages, usually framed : alpha-omega cross facing Christ in glory with evangelist symbols (fols. 1v-2r) -- sequence of conversing evangelist facing two angels (fols. 2v-6r) -- genealogy of Christ (fols. 6v-12r) -- cross (text is inscribed) facing St Michael and the dragon (fols. 12v-13r) -- ornamental incipit page (fol. 13v) -- twelve apostles (fol.31r) -- map of the world (fols. 31v-32r) -- four beasts and the statue, not framed (fol. 35v) -- woman on beast, not framed (fol. 36v) -- four hosemen (fol. 71v) -- preaching to birds (fol. 73r; also fol. 136r?) ) -- adoration of the lamb (fol. 78r, also fol. 112r, 116v, 117r); these ones are square, earlier similar images are circular -- palm tree, not framed (fol. 85r) -- angels incensing (fol. 86v) -- various calamities (fols. 87v- ) -- women clothed in the sun ... and dragon (fols. 101v-102r) -- Anti-Christ tables (fols. 109v-110r) -- wine press (fol. 115r) -- more calamities (fols. 118r- ) -- destruction of Babylon with facing onlookers (fols. 129v-130r) -- attack of city (fol. 137r) -- events of the end of time, several groups, much discussion is going on (fols. 138v-139r) -- heavenly Jerusalem facing Christ in glory (fols. 140v-141r) -- end of Beatus (fol. 146v) -- Babylon surrounded by two snakes (fol. 147r) -- soldiers attacking city (fols. 149v-150r) -- various birds in tree (fol. 156v) -- Tower of Tabara (fol. 183r) -- omega (fol. 184v) -- decorated initials -- gold and silver are used --
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Call Number:
Special Collections Rare Books Oversize ND 3361 .R52 B4373 2004 Facsimile + Estudio Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Complete full-size color reproduction of the entire manuscript -- ornamental metal corners protect the cover (leather on board?) -- fol. 104: nice repair work in facsimile --
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Valencia, Spain
Each illumination is discussed in a study by Peter K. Klein in the Commentary Volume, in Spanish (pp. 9-96) and in English (pp. 97-176) -- David Raizman provides a general study of the manuscript, in Spanish (pp. 177-206) and in English (pp. 207-236l; convenient list of the illuminations on pp. 213-215) -- The commentary volume also contains the Latin text of Jerome's Commentary on Daniel, with Spanish and English translations, and commentary (pp. 239-417), as well as a transcription of the colophon on fol. 182v, with Spanish translation (p. 421)
John WIlliams, The Illustrated Beatus, 5 vols., London, 1994-2003, vol. 5, pp. 38-42 and 381-387.
Type of Text:
apocalyptic, Biblical, commentary, exegetical, genealogy, religious