The Facundus Beatus

The Facundus Beatus
Biblioteca Nacional
MADRID, Spain.
Shelf Mark:
MS Vitrina 14-2
Alternate Names:
The Fernando and Sancha Beatus -- Ms. J -- Ms. Vitr. 14-2 -- In Apocalypsin de Beato di Liebana -- Codex don Fernando y dona Sancha --
Leonese royal scriptorium, Spain
317 folios -- ca. 360 x 270 mm.
Date Description:
Beatus of Liebana wrote the Commentary on the Book of Revelation -- St. Jerome wrote the Commentary on the Book of Daniel -- scribe (and illuminator?) : Facundus , working under the royal patronage of King Fernando I of Leon-Castile (1038-1065), and his w
The first 5 folios are from another codex (see Williams, below, p. 38) -- Preliminaries, including genealogy of Christ (fols. 6r-17) -- Summary of the Apocalypse (fols. 18r-19v) -- Complete text of the Apocalypse “composed from the Storiae” (fols. 19v-29v; see Williams, below, p. 35) -- Commentary on the Apocalypse by Beatus (fols. 30r-264r) -- Isidore of Seville: De Adfinitatibus et gradibus (from the Etymologies) (fols. 264v-266v) -- Saint Jerome: Commentary on Daniel (fols. 267-316r) -- colophon giving name of scribe and date (fol. 316r) -- note the later observations in the lower margin of fol. 30r (see Williams, below, p. 35) --
carolingian minuscule [caroline minuscule] --
Type of Decoration:
Alpha (fol. 6r) -- cross (fol. 6v) -- Acrostic referring to names of royal patrons (fol. 7r) -- sequence of evangelists with an interlocutor, with angels on facing page (fols. 7v-10r) -- genealogy of Christ (10v-17r) --numerous illuminations, some fulll-page (e.g., fols. 112v, 171v, 182v. 191v, 217v, 240r, 271r, 287r, 291r), others filling up an entire opening (e.g., 290v-291r, 268v-269r, and others listed below) -- the images in the Beatus sequence are generally framed, whereas those in the Jerome text usually are not framed -- map of the world (fols. 63v-64r) -- Noah’s ark (foll 109v) -- Adoration of the Lamb (fols. 116v, 147v-148r) -- four horsemen (fol. 153r) -- woman clothed in the sun... (fols. 186v-187r) -- Plan of Heavenly Jerusalem (fol. 253v) -- golden idol (fol. 275v) -- much gold is used throughout - decorated initials --
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Special Collections Rare Books Oversize BS 2582 .A2 B373 2006 Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Complete full-size color reproduction of the entire manuscript --
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Place of Publication:
Madrid, Spain
Club Bibliofilo Versol
John Williams, The Illustrated Beatus, 5 vols., London, 1994-2003, vol. 3, pp. 34-40 --
Type of Text:
apocalyptic, Biblical, canon law, commentary, exegetical, genealogy, religious