Saint Dunstan’s Classbook from Glastonbury

Saint Dunstan’s Classbook from Glastonbury
Bodleian Library
Greek, Latin, Old Breton, Old English, Old Welsh
OXFORD, Great Britain
Shelf Mark:
Ms. Bodley Auct. F.4. 32 (2176)
Alternate Names:
Dunstan, St., Class Book -- Codex Bibliothecae Bodleianae Oxon. Auct. F.4./32 --
England (?) -- Wales
47 folios -- ca. 260 x 200 mm.
Date Description:
9th century & 11th century
This is a composite book probably assembled at the end of the middle ages from sections of which three belonged (or were associated with) Glastonbury at the time of St. Dunstan, abbot of Glastonbury , who became bishop of Worcester in 957 --
Pt. 1, fols. 1-9: This first quire contains part of Eutyches, “On the conjugation of verbs” (see Keil, Grammatici latini V.447-460), with glosses, some of which are in Old Breton -- Pt. 2, fols. 10-18: Homily in Old-English on the Invention of the Cross (this part dates from 11th century, and was once a “folded book”, the first one from England to survive -- fold is clear on fol. 10r) -- Pt. 3, fols. 19r-36v, mixed content: fol. 19r-v: Reading from Deuteronomy in parallel columns Latin and Greek (transliterated in Insular minuscule), probably as read at the Easter Vigil somewhere in Wales; fol 20r: alphabets; fol. 20v- 23v: computistical material and sections of the Calculus of Victorius; fols. 24r-28v: passages from the prophets in parallel Greek (uncials) and Latin (Insular minuscule) columns; fols. 28v-36r: Lessons and canticles for the Easter Vigil (Latin and Greek transliterated in Insular minuscule) -- Pt. 4, fols. 37r-47r: Ovid, Ars amatoria, Book I -- fol 47v: a sentence in Old English from the Penitential of Ps. Egberth, added in 11th century -- note: numerous marginal and interlinear glosses --
Pt. 1: 9th century Caroline minuscule [Carolingian minuscule] with insular traits -- Pt. 2 is in Anglo-Saxon mixed minuscule of the 11th century -- Pt. 3: Insular minuscule written in Wales in early 9th century -- Pt. 4 round type Welsh minuscule (late 9th century?) --
Type of Decoration:
drawing of Dunstan kneeling at the feet of Christ (fol. 1r.) -- some decorated initials -- diagrams --
Musical Notation:
Call Number:
Medieval [7th Floor Hesburgh] General Collection BR 749 .O98 1961 Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Complete full-size (or very slightly reduced?) monochrome reproduction of the entire manuscript, with white margin around the photographed pages --
Umbrae Codicum Occidentalium 4
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Amsterdam, Netherlands
North-Holland Publishing Co.
Introduction by R.W. Hunt --
A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the quarto series, with references to the oriental and other manuscripts; by R.W. Hunt, F.Madan [and others], vol. 2, pt. 1 (Oxford, 1922), pp. 243-45 --
Type of Text:
bilingual, classical, computus, didactic, folded book, glosses, grammatical, homiletical, literature, liturgical, mixed, religious, secular, translation, vernacular