Parma Ildefonsus: De Virginitate Sanctae Mariae --

Parma Ildefonsus: De Virginitate Sanctae Mariae --
Biblioteca Palatina
PARMA, Italy
Shelf Mark:
ms. 1650
Alternate Names:
Ildefonso da Toledo: De virginitate Sanctae Mariae -- ms. Parm. 1650 -- S. Hildefonsus: De Virginitate Beatae Mariae --
Cluny (France)
112 folios, of which 111 are richly decorated -- 230 x 158 mm.
Date Description:
ca. 1100
Ildefonsus (Hildefonsus) of Toledo (A.D. 607-667) -- Ildefonsus became Archbishop of Toledo --
Life of Ildefonsus written by Julian of Toledo (fols. 1v-3v) -- De virginitate perpetuae Sanctae Mariae adversus tres infideles Liber unicus (fols. 5r- 102r; PL 96: 53-104) was copied at Cluny as a gift for some Spanish monastic dignitary from an unillustrated copy of the text which still exists (BnF ms. Lat. 2855; see abbreviated English commentary volume, pp. 10-11) -- Prayer to Christ (fols. 4-9) -- Prayer to the Virgin (fols. 9v-12) -- followed by a short commentary dated to the 9th century, the Prologue to Bishop Gotescalc of Le Puy (fols. 1003r-105r) and the Life of Ildefonsus by Cixila, archbishop of Toledo from 774 till 783 (fols. 105r-111r) -- notes: detailed contents are listed on pp. 129-132 of the Italian commentary volume -- the illuminations were copied in Toledo ca. 1200 in the manuscript Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS. 10087 (p. 34 of English commentary) --
Carolingian minuscule -- Caroline minuscule -- occasional Rustic capitals (capitalis rustica) and Square capitals (capitalis quadrata) --
Type of Decoration:
8 full-page illuminations by the "Ildefonsus painter": (Bishop Julian of Toledo talking to a canon and two lay men [fol 1v], Hildefonsus saying Mass [fol 4r], Hildefonsus writing [fol. 4v], Hildefonsus praying to the Virgin entrhoned [ fol. 9v], Hildefonsus debating with opponents [fols. 12v, 15v, 22r], Hildefonsus praying to Christ in glory [fol. 44v]) • 16 half-page illuminations • 8 smaller square-shaped illuminations with busts of the prophets • 8 large initials with Ottonian vine scroll set against a purple background and bordered by meandering geometrical and stylized leafy motif frames • 1 historiated initial representing the author kneeling in front of Christ • 28 simple initials in gold, 10 of which are outlined in red • sub indexes in gold with the same form and script as the main text -- all pages and illuminations are framed (Greek key, geometric, vegetal patterns) -- much gold and silver are used throughout, and occasional purple background -- most illustrations are by a painter known as the "Ildefonsus painter" trained in the German tradition of the 11th century, but the "Colophon painter" (see fol. 102r and 102v) appears to have been trained in Italy, probably in Rome (pp. 11-12 of English commentary volume)
Musical Notation:
Call Number:
Special Coll. Rare Books Large ND 3361 .V5 I43 2010
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Full-size color reproduction of the entire manuscript -- there is also a pdf file (on CD Rom) of the manuscript, to facilitate the examination of detail -- commentary volume in Italian, with an abbreviated commentary volume in English --
Ars illuminandi
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Modena (Italy)
Il Bulino, edizioni d'arte
Grafical (Marano di Valpolicella) for the facsimile -- Nuovograhica (Carpi) for the Italian commentary volume
See also the German commentary volume in the Notre Dame Libraries: Der Parma-Ildefonsus : Begleitband zur Faksimileausgabe der Handschrift Parm. 1650 der Biblioteca Palatina in Parma / Dieter Röschel ; mit einer Zusammenfassung des italienischen Kommentars von Francesca Portanova, übertragen von Doris Luger, Simbach am Inn : Verlagsbuchhandlung Anton Pfeiler, c2010 (92 p. ; ill. 28 cm). Location: Medieval [7th Floor Hesburgh] General Collection ND 3361 .V5 R67 2010 5 Day Loan
Type of Text:
commentary, hagiographical, mixed, prayers, religious, theological