Apocalipsis figurado de los duques de Saboya

Apocalipsis figurado de los duques de Saboya
Real Biblioteca de San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Shelf Mark:
Codex Vitrina 1 (or Ms. Vitrina 1)
Alternate Names:
Illuminated Apocalypse of the Dukes of Savoie -- Apocalypse of the Dukes of Savoy -- El Escorial Apocalypse -- die Escorial-Apokalypse --
Savoy (Fr. Savoie, Ital. Savoia) Italy/France
52 folios -- 410 x 265 mm.
Date Description:
commissioned in 1428 by Amadeus VIII of Savoy (1383-1451) and bound unfinished in 1434 -- finished bertween 1486 and 1490 --
Summaries of the Apocalypse (in black ink) and of the commentary of Berengaudus (in red ink) --
Gothic textura -- Scribe: the Italian Cardino de Paris -- Artists: Jean Bapteur (pupil of Limbourg brothers) for miniatures on ff. 1r-24r, Péronet Lamy (1428-35) for marginal decoration and for miniatures on 24v-25v, and Jean Colombe (1485-90) for the remainder
Type of Decoration:
Framed Miniatures: Ninety-seven images in vibrant color illustrating the Apocalypse, one per folio, each occupies the upper half of the ruled area; each frame by Bapteur is decorated with a different pattern while those by Colombe use a thin, gold border. The subject of each miniature is listed on pp 231-32. On f. 2v and from f. 4v to the end, John is depicted next to each miniature in the outer margin; through f. 24r, John stands on a small patch of ground, has a solid gold halo, wears a green cloak over a pink robe, and sometimes interacts directly with figures inside the larger miniature; on the remaining folios, John is set within a smaller gold border in a variety of settings and clothing. -- Borders: Foliate designs in the margins of every page with wide variety of specific motifs, black vines with gold details are consistent throughout. A variety of creatures appear among the vines, and ribbons appear occasionally. Colombe's borders are more elaborate, sometimes including around the text and image gold bands on top of which is a separate colored design (floral, foliate, gold is used) -- Foliated Initials: Usually four to five lines high in blue or mauve on gold background
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Call Number:
Special Collections Rare Books Oversize BS 2822.5 .V5 H5 2009 Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Complete -- Full-size -- Color -- Photographic with metallic gold details -- Sewn repairs to parchment at end are reproduced in three dimensions -- Binding: Red leather engraved with gold, brass latches and bottom edging
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Place of Publication:
Patrimonio Nacional ; Club Bibliófilo
Juana Hidalgo Ogáyar ; Alfonso García Leal
Die Apokalypse der Herzoge von Savoyen, Gabriele Bartz & Christine Seidel, Verlagsbuchhandlung Anton Pfeiler, Simbach am Inn, 2011 --
Type of Text:
apocalyptic, Biblical, commentary, devotional, exegetical, religious