Corpus Apocalypse

Corpus Apocalypse
Corpus Christi College
Anglo-Norman, Latin
Shelf Mark:
MS 20
Alternate Names:
Corpus Christi Apocalypse -- Parker Library MS 20 --
Commissioned by Henry or John de Cobham, lords in Kent, England
72 folios + 5 flyleaves, 368 x 253 mm
Date Description:
c. 1300-1350
Selections of the Latin Apocalypse with Anglo-Norman versification and prose commentary (ff. 1r-60v) -- Descent of St. Paul to Hell in Anglo-Norman verse and Latin prose (ff. 61r-68r) -- Order of Coronation for a King (ff. 68r-72v)
Type of Decoration:
Miniatures: Extensive series of illustrations ranging in size from a third of the height of the ruled area to nearly full height. All have thin frames in various combinations of gold, blue, red and rose with delicate aqua green and red or yellow and red foliage extending from the outer edges. To fill in the blank space left by one of the two columns of text, the upper edge of the frame is sometimes broken into two horizontal parts at different levels -- The backgrounds are generally some kind of checkered pattern in red, rose blue, and sometimes gold. Many scenes include green grass along the bottom -- The figures are in a lightly drawn Gothic style; they continue the color scheme of their surroundings. See the commentary volume for specific subjects -- Particularly notable is the large frontispiece to the Order of Coronation. It is a coronation scene, the king enthroned centrally and surrounded by clerics and noblemen (f. 68r). -- Initials: One historiated initial at opening of the manuscript houses a kneeling knight wearing the Cobham arms (gules, a chevron or, bearing three lions rampant sable) (f. 1r). Dentelle and pen flourished initials are found throughout. In a few cases, the dentelle initials have long foliage trailing off of them. The flourished initials are blue with red flourishing. -- Marginalia: On bottom edge of colorful border around text block on folio 1r, a hunter blows a horn at left, three dogs chase several rabbits into a warren and trees in right corner.
Musical Notation:
Call Number:
Special Collections - In Process (2/12/13, 4/30/13, 8/13/13, 4/16/14)
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Complete -- DIgital photography -- Color with silver and tooled gold elements -- Full-size -- Simple white leather binding -- Some holes and damaged edges physically replicated, but sewn repairs photographically replicated
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Luzern, Switzerland
Quaternio Verlag
Print and Art, Graz
Type of Text:
apocalyptic, Biblical, bilingual, commentary, hagiographical, legendary, liturgical, prose, religious, verse