Gradual of St. Katharinenthal

Gradual of St. Katharinenthal
Schweizerisches Landesmuseum
Z√úRICH (ZURICH), Switzerland
Shelf Mark:
LM 26117
Alternate Names:
Das Graduale von St. Katharinenthal
St. Katharinental Abbey, near Diessenhofen, Swizerland
314 fols., 480 x 350 mm
Date Description:
c. 1312
Dominican rite. f 1r/v: Calendar tables, f. 2r-3r: Tonary, f. 3r/v: Antiphon, "Ad aspersionem aque benedicte..." f. 3v-151v: Proprium de Temporale, f. 151v-153v: "In die consecrationis et in anniversario dedicationis ecclesie et per octavam..." f. 153v-155r: Sequence, f. 155r/v: "Alleluia. Archa mannate...ora pro populo." f. 155v-198r: Proprium de Sanctis, f. 198r-231r Commune Sanctorum, f. 231r-235r Votive mass, f. 235r-248r: Kyriale, f. 248r-310v: Sequentiar, f. 299r-302: Sequence and Tractus, f. 304v-305r: Alleluia-Verse, f. 305v/r: Sanctus, Kyrie, f. 305v: Proprium de Sanctis, f. 306r-308v: "In festo s. vincencii..." f. 311r-314v: Sequence, Anhang: Proprium de Sanctis
Script: Littera textualis, at least 10 different hands. First hand consistent to f. 299r. See p. 247 of the commentary volume / Decoration: 6-7 different hands
Type of Decoration:
Includes plain, flourished, and historiated initials, and some marginal decoration. Plain: Red or blue, appear occasionally and used on f. 198r for "Katharine". Fllourished initials: majority are black with simple black and red flourishes. Red/Blue flourished initials also frequent. These and black ones usually one line (staff+text) high. Red/Blue ones sometimes as high as 3 lines, duplex, with decorative extensions forming text border. Some borders include small medallions containing grotesques. Grotesques occasional present in letter flourishes. Some names in text of sanctorale are flourished in black. Historiated initials: Most often three lines high, ranging in height from 1 line to full page. Set in thin, multicolored frame with background in gold leaf. Frames and letters usually green, blue, maroon and/or rose colored. Figures in an even more diverse palette. Scenes with temporale are mostly from the gospels. Marian scenes, saints' lives and kneeling contemporary figures pictured with sanctorale. Marginal decoration primarily consists of kneeling Dominicans and contemporary secular figures, but also includes grotesques and the Lamb of God (f. 304v) done in pen throughout. Heraldic arms with kneeling figure found on f. 177v, heraldic crest on f. 184v. In opposite position on f. 185r is hand of blessing on a crossed circle; opposite this on 185v is a sun with a face. On 179v, a woman leads a boy toward the edge of the page, gesturing with one admonishing/teaching finger.
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Call Number:
Special Collections Rare Books Oversize M2147 XIV .G74 facsim. Non-Circulating
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
The facsimile is a full-size, full-color replica of the original. Each of the 314 leaves as well as the documented fragments of the two leaves missing in the codex have been reproduced. All leaves are trimmed in accordance with the original and are hand-bound on cords. The binding is made of nappa leather and decorated with corner fittings, a central rosette and clasps.
Publication Date:
Place of Publication:
Luzern (Switzerland)
Faksimile Verlag
Graphische Anstalt Mengis + Sticher AG Luzern
Publisher's website for facsimile:
Schmid, Alfred A., and Johannes Duft. 1983. Das Graduale von St. Katharinenthal um 1312 [2] Kommentar. Luzern: Faks.-Verl. Special Collections Rare Books Oversize M 2147 XIV .G74 Suppl. There is also a circulating copy in Hesburgh Library Music Collection.
Type of Text:
calendar, chant, gradual, liturgical, religious, sequentiary