Valenciennes Apocalypse

Valenciennes Apocalypse
Bibliothèque municipale
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ms 99 (olim 92)
Alternate Names:
Apocalypse figurée -- Apocalipsis de Valenciennes
Rhineland (Germany) ? North or Northeast France ? -- Disputed origin; oldest known possessor is Saint-Amand
40 folios, 270 x 202 mm. (probably trimmed at the top and the bottom
Date Description:
First quarter of 9th century
scribe: Otoltus -- Colophon: "Ego Otoltus indignus praesbiter scripsi"
12th century copy of a letter relating the transport of an ark of relics from Jerusalem to San Salvador Cathedral in Oviedo, Asturias (f. 2v) -- Apocalypse of John, rubricated in a 65-chapter division (ff. 3r-40r) --
" A round, not yet completely regular early Carolingian minuscule, with clear Insular elements(cf. the form of the g and the ut ligature)." (see p. 167 of Commentary volume) -- Section titles in red uncials --
Type of Decoration:
Tabernacle diagram: A roughly square diagram of the tabernacle drawn and labeled in red ink. It consists of four nested squares; the center one contains the inscriptions "S[an]c[t]u[m] tabernaculum" and "Sancta Sanctoru[m]." Below the diagram, a different hand has written "Tu es petrus et super hanc petram" (f. 2r) -- Apocalypse illustrations: There are 39 framed miniatures, most of them full-page. The miniature of the four horsemen departs from this format, stretching over the top half of the 12v-13r opening. The frames are decorated either with interlace or blocks of color. The color scheme consists of green, orange, yellow, purple, brown, black, and a little blue, all light and/or faded. Each miniature includes explanatory inscriptions. -- Horse drawing: there is a simple line drawing in black ink of a saddled and bridled horse in full stride, moving to the left. It is completely alone on the folio (f. 40v). -- Decorated capitals: The Apocalypse text begins with three lines of initials with yellow filling. The first and third lines are in red or brown ink, the second is in black (f. 3v). Other capitals throughout the text are filled with color, including the four-line initial right after the opening three lines.
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Special Collections - In Process (2/12/13 and still on 4/17/14)
Commentary Volume:
Nature of Facsimile:
Full-size, complete -- Color -- Photographic (?) -- A sewn-in repair to folio 2 and other forms of parchment damage are physically reproduced -- Tan, tooled leather binding
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Place of Publication:
Madrid, Spain ; Valenciennes, France
Orbis mediaevalis; Bibliotheca municipal de Valenciennes
PIAF, S.L. (Productora Internacional de Arte y Facsimiles, S.L.)
Commentary volume "Apocalipsis Carolingio de Valenciennes" (Ms. 99) by Peter K. Klein, in Spanish, followed by the original English text -- Extensive iconographical discussion --
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Type of Text:
apocalyptic, Biblical, documents, letters, New Testament, spirituality