Sankt Peter Perikopienbuch

Sankt Peter Perikopienbuch
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Clm 15903
Alternate Names:
St. Peter Pericopes from St. Erentrud -- Perikopenbuch aus St. Erentrud in Salzburg -- Evangelia in missa legi solita, praecedente capitulari evangeliorum
St Peter Abbey scriptorium, Salzburg
106 folios -- 31 × 22 cm − 212 pp. 106 folios
Date Description:
mid 12th century
Master of Pericopes from St. Erentrud
Gospel pericopes, Gospel passages selected to be read on certain Sundays and feast days; 6 pages with a listing of the 71 pericope sections
Protogothic, rounded, large-sized minuscule script
Type of Decoration:
55 colourful miniatures on golden grounds (33 of which full-page compositions), 55 of the 71 Gospel texts are introduced by their own miniatures. These miniatures have an interpretative value as well as being decorative, for example, the miniature of the 12 year old Jesus in the Temple shows him as an adult man, emphasizing his timelessness as the Savior of the world. At the Last Supper, a small devil is shown to enter the mouth of Judas. The illustrations overall are meant to support the textual emphasis on Jesus as the Messiah. More than half of the miniatures preceding the Christmas and Easter readings i.e. the resurrection, veneration of the cross, Marian and saints feasts extend over a full page.The miniatures are set on a background of gold, with red, blue and green borders. The frames surrounding the biblical scenes, with their gold and silver moldings, resemble panel paintings. Gold leaf is used as background for the opaque paints used in larger, figural scenes. The facial expressions convey the emotions of the scenes depicted. The artwork combines Byzantine stylistic features with western themes. Each pericope section begins with an initial. There is one initial which extends over an entire page. These are usually single letters, but could also be part of a group or a ligature made up of 2 letters introducing the incipit and the passage. These initials feature spiraling scrollwork with colorful buds and flowers. Some of them actually feature anthropomorphic grotesques.
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Rare Books XLarge ND 3359 .P47 P57 2015
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Nature of Facsimile:
Full size color reproduction of the entire manuscript
Codices selecti ; 122
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Place of Publication:
Graz, Austria
Akademische Druck- und Verlagsansta
55 of 71 Gospel extracts introduced by miniature -- binding from 2nd half of the 16th century with ornamented roll, fillet border and 2 metal clasps -- Commentary by Martina Pippal, 2016