Metz Sacramentary (fragment).

Metz Sacramentary (fragment).
Bibliothèque Nationale
PARIS, France
Shelf Mark:
Ms. Lat. 1141
Alternate Names:
Sakramentar von Metz (Fragment) -- Coronation Sacramentary -- Codex Aureus.
Northern France.
10 folios -- ca. 270 x 210 mm.
Date Description:
ca. 870
Canon of the Mass, preceded by brief directions for the Ordo Missae, as was customary for Carolingian sacramentaries -- The prologue indicates that these are the first ten folios of a sacramentary, presumably all that survived of a much larger manuscript --
Caroline Minuscule [carolingian minuscule] -- Uncial -- some Rustic Capital (capitalis rustica) -- Square Capital (capitalis quadrata) --
Type of Decoration:
Six-line Franco-Saxon initial I, gold ink with blue and green fill; incipit text in alternating gold, green and red lines of square capitals (ff. 1r-2r) -- In the following series of images, halos and many other details are done in gold ink and the general color scheme covers a rich spectrum of red, pink, blue, green, white and purple -- Full-page framed image of prince (perhaps Charles the Bald) being crowned by hand of God between two ecclesiastics (f. 2r) -- Full-page framed portrait of Gregory the Great: dove flies at left of his head, two other monks/scribes sit below on either side of Gregory's throne, one holding up curtain between them and Gregory, the other writing, an open book chest is set between them; the frame of this folio and of the previous is a foliate design in green, pink, and red with a gold band at the outer edge (f. 3r) -- Preface of the Ordo: Foliate/geometric frames in gold, blue, green, purple and white, gold text on purple with bands of alternating blue and green between lines (f. 3v) -- Two large Franco-Saxon style initials (V with smaller D between its arms) with surrounding foliate decoration in gold, various fill colors, and stippling in white; one line of gold text on purple below the initials (f. 4r) -- Frame of similar color scheme, slightly different design, Mass text in gold uncial continues within (f. 4v) -- Christ in Majesty, set in a frame matching the facing page: Christ is in a mandorla, seated on globe, surrounded by Evangelist symbols and angels, including one seraph (f. 5r) -- Heavenly choir, again in similar frame; five rows of various bust figures facing the opposite page, some holding books, scrolls, crowns, or martyr's branches (f. 5v) -- Christ in Majesty again, but bearded and in a larger mandorla; a seraph is on either side and below are personifications of Earth, on right, and Ocean, on left (f. 6r) -- "Te igitur" text with T as crucifix, centered and almost full-page; Christ is alive, and there is a serpent under his feet; Bust-length personifications of the sun and moon are in medallions above the arms of the cross; Cross/T ends in interlace, is surrounded by foliate scrolls with E IGITUR written vertically on purple block at right of the cross (f. 6v) -- Canon continues in gold uncial with decorative frame (f. 7r) -- Text continues in gold miniscule with initials in uncial on purple blocks; frames are slightly thinner and less elaborate, design mostly of foliate motifs (ff. 7v-8r) -- Another text opening with frame of different design but similar size (ff. 8v-9r) -- Text opening with some white foliate designs on purple blocks behind initials; foliate frames, the only ones that do not use gold (ff. 9v-10r)
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Call Number:
Medieval [7th Floor Hesburgh] Reference (Rm. 715) BX 2037 .A3 M4736 1972 Non-Circulating
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Nature of Facsimile:
Complete color facsimile of the entire manuscript -- Reduced 10 mm in each dimension -- Photographic, no margins
Codices selecti, 28.
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Place of Publication:
Graz, Austria.
Akademische Druck-u. Verlagsanstalt.
Akademische Druck-u. Verlagsanstalt, Graz, Austria.
Introduction by Florentine Mütherich. Digital facsimile and catalog record:
Type of Text:
liturgical, religious, sacramentary