Bodleian Library
OXFORD, Great Britain
Shelf Mark:
Barlow 5 (fols.22-end), Hatton 3, Canon.lit.340, Laud.misc.358;
Mss Note:
Barlow 5: (fol. 4), the first Sunday in Advent with the tones of the prefaces, epistles and gospels, and Holy Saturday with the baptism service (fol. 102), and the order of the mass (fol. 108v) which is followed by the tones of Benedicamus and Ite missa est, and prayers for peace (fol. 125v); common of the dedication (fol. 175); sanctorale (fol. 177v); common of the saints (fol. 229); votive masses of the Virgin, etc. (fol. 246v); marriage service (fol. 259); servitium peregrinorum (fol. 262v); masses of the dead (fol. 264). Additions, among which masses of St. David, St. Chad, St. Winifreda, the Holy Name and the Five Wounds (fol. 271); Hatton 3: Gradual, Use of Sarum Temporale (fol. 2); common of the dedication (fol. 87) and of the saints (fol. 91); votive masses of the Virgin (fol. 112v), etc.; masses of the dead (fol. 120v); kyriale (fol. 123); prayers for peace and the Holy Land (fol. 132); sanctorale (fol. 133). The common tones and the music of the Creed are given at the 1st Sunday in Advent (fol. 5). Rubrics. Many leaves missing throughout: at the beginning and after fols. 8, 15, 63, 85, 91, 120 etc.; fol. 64 should follow fol.151; Canon.lit.340: Description: Rudolf Flotzinger. Choralhandschriften österreichischer Provenienz in der Bodleian Library/Oxford. Edited by Othmar Wessely, Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für Musikforschung Heft 26. Vienna, 1991. Pp. 49-66See Bannister’s not (Aug. ‘96) in back of ms. Compares 340 with 346 as well. “prose ‘qui sunt isti’ has an additgional strophe mentioning Aquileia which is found in no other version of the prose.” f. 150r: Salvat vos lucas medicus et alta fremens Marcus qui primo Aquilegie conscripsit evengelium. Bannister very briefly compares the ms to cpv 1021 and 13314. S.A.V.Oyk (June 1950) addes cpv 325, 340, 346 to the list, from Iloggio near Undine.; Laud.Misc.358: Gradual Versary, Kyriale, Benedictine use. Kyriale with troped kyries (fol. 1), Kyrie (fol. 12) and Gloria (fol. 15v); versicles of the graduals and Alleluias, each preceded by their intonations; temporale (fol. 24v); sanctorale (fol. 71), from the Conversion of St. Paul (25 Jan.), to the Conception of the Virgin (8 Dec.); common of the saints (fol. 86) and the dedication (fol. 95v); versicles of the mass for the dead (fol. 96), completed by a later hand. Some historical additions.
Eugene Joseph Leahy Collection
together with Canon.lit. 340, Hatton 3, Laud.misc. 358
Hesburgh Location:
Medieval Institute, Room 715M - Non-circulating